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Includes women of all ages; mothers, daughters, grandmoms and infants.

This weekend will be focused on reconnecting with one another in sisterhood. There will be scheduled plant walks, corsage, basket making, and raw food preparation,. There will be storytelling and music around the campfire at night, so bring a musical instrument if you can.

The cost for the weekend is $200.00 per person and children under 13 are free.

All children must be accompanied with an adult.

For more details and to register,

please contact Janet Phillips at 410-289-1605.

Schedule of events;


3pm-5pm- Arrive, set-up tent, swim, explore and get comfortable. Grass mats.

6pm-engage with sisterhood and prepare a group dinner

Evening; gather around the campfire and see where this evening evolves


9:30am- Plant walk. The focus will be on ten plants that you feel comfortable identifying, with the ability to have them grow right in your own backyard.

11am- prepare wild green drinks with the wild edibles,  prepare and eat lunch.

1pm- Plants have so many more gifts than just nutrition. There will be a demonstration of making cordage (rope) using many different materials.

2:30pm- swimming/games/engaging

5pm- learning to journal through meditation and visuals

6pm- preparation of dinner, community dinner and gathering around the fire.


Am- collect your own greens for a wild green drink

9:30am- basket making demonstartion and hands-on

10:30am-scavenger hunt

11am-prepare brunch

1pm- gather in groups and prepare a skit or talent

2pm- showtime

4pm- departure

Directions- Take Rt.13 south towards Princess Anne, turn right 1 mile after Shell station on right.

First yellow house on the left. 31099 Peggyneck Rd.








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