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The human body is not designed to digest animal products. They are herbivores and are now suffering the painful and debilitating effects of lives full of animal consumption. There is over a Trillion dollars spent on health care in the USA annually. (6 times more than the defense budget) The human toxic eating habits are literally destroying every aspect of their lives.  From personal health to global health. Dr. William Clifford Roberts, editor-in-chief of the American Journal of Cardiology states clearly that the leading cause of death is a non-vegan diet. The children of the future deserve much better!  Almost every health problem faced today is diet related. Is there really a need to destroy the greatness of a nation, and the beauty of this planet (God's creation) to consume the most toxic waste ever created?             We are greater than this! We are the children of God, and as such we deserve and can create the world we choose. We at My Nature chose paradise and we welcome you!





























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