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 All of the plant based foods that come from nature contain all of the enzymes that we need for digestion purposes, and our bodies need enzymes to digest food. When we cook our food, this procedure kills the enzymes, which inhibit digestion properly, so then our bodies have to over work to produce the enzymes necessary for digestion. When we consume cooked food our bodies actually treat the incoming food as a foreign substance and have to work very hard to get it back out of our system. This can take away from much needed work to cleanse our bodies of other toxins, which lead to the many debilitating diseases in our society today. When we consume a raw, vegan diet, our bodies require much less food to sustain them, because all of the nutrients are unharmed and readlly absorbed by the body. This way of eating coincides with the # 1 law of nature; which is conservation of energy.




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