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For all the seekers of the best possible life and a world to match.

 " My Nature" is hosting a raw, vegan, organic "BEST FOOD ON THE PLANET" COMPETITION.

Local is even better!


The guidelines are as follows:

*You must make enough for 30 people to sample.

*There will be a limit to the first 10 people to sign up.

So, please don't sign up unless you are 100% committed to this.

*Your dish will be judged not only by taste but also nutritional content as well.

Suggestions for the best source of nutrition are : sprouts, wild greens, seaweeds, and blue-green algae.


*We will open the tasting to the public at $20. per person pre-register for the first 50 peolple.

Their input will be considered.

We will also have a panel of judges who will make the ultimate decision.


**The prize for the 1st winner will be $1000.00 !!

2nd prize winner will receive $250.00


The event will be held at 12:00 noon on Sunday, August 24th at My Nature, located at 1301 Atlantic Avenue. Ocean City MD.

(13th street and the boardwalk.)


To sign up and enter, please call  My Nature @ 410-289-1808 

or Janet Phillips at 410-251-1605 to reserve your space.



                       2014 BEST FOOD ON THE PLANET COMPETITION IS BACK!

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