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                                                                 GOT SPROUTS?

Were you aware that our bodies are not designed to consume meat? That's right! It seems that we have alkaline saliva and very long intestines to absorb the maximum nutrition from our food, as all plant eating species do. Whereas our canine toting friends have an acid saliva and a short intestine to break the flesh down as quickly as possible and get it out of their system before it starts to putrefy. When we eat a complete protein like meat, our bodies actually have to break the protein apart and reassemble it for absorption. It can take up to 100 hours to actually digest and get all of the meat out of our system. Knowing that the #1 law of nature is the conservation of energy, meat consumption by humans completely defies this law. Perhaps that is why with the increasing consumption of meat in this country is also the reason we have seen an increase in heart disease, which by the way is now the #1 cause of death in America!

Dr. Alona Pudle and Dr. Matthew Lederman state: "We've never treated a single patient with protein deficiency: yet the majority of patients we see are suffering from heart disease, diabetes and other chronic illnesses directly resulting from trying to get enough protein into our system.

So, if meat isn't a great source of protein, we ask ourselves, how do we achieve this goal? Sprouts? Yes, sprouts! It just so happens that our bodies are designed at combining incomplete protein foods of the plant world and making complete proteins out of them. Leafy greens, nuts, seeds, vegetables and legumes all have amino acids that our bodies readily absorb to form the complete proteins that our bodies need. If we're smart enough to NOT cook them,  then they can provide us with the highest amount of nutrition with the least amount of work for our bodies. (#1 law of nature realized) At the very top of the list for absorable protein are sprouts. You can grow a weeks worth of sprouts for less than one serving of meat. They are quick and easy to grow. Attend one of our workshops and see how easy they are to grow!



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