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                                                40 REASONS TO EAT  RAW

  1. Imagine jumping out of bed in the morning totally awake, vibrantly alive and healthier than you have ever felt before.

  2. Many people have found relief from ailments and diseases simply by following the raw food diet.

  3. Excess weight seems to just meltoff your body when you eat a raw food and living food diet.

  4. By eating a raw and living food diet, you can turn back the hands of time.

  5. When you eat a raw and living food diet, you are feeding your body and your cells with live foods that are filled with vitamins, minerals, enzymes and other life giving substances that cooking otherwise destroys.

  6. Enzymes are destroyed when food is heated above112 degrees.

  7. We need enzymes for every function in our body. To walk, talk, breathe and to move. Life itself depends on enzymes, and cooking food kills them.

  8. You can eat a grezzo brownie sundae for lunch.

  9. The choices for desserts are so numerous and delicious, and when made from raw and living food, there is no guilt and no need to abstain.

  10. The first thing that is lost when you cook is the water content. Our bodies are between 60%-75% water. Vegetables and fruits are loaded with water.

  11. Cooking destroys 50% of the protein in our food. Between 50 to 80 percent of the vitamins and minerals are also destroyed.

  12. Oxygen is lost and free radicals are produced when foods are cooked.

  13. Cooking food produces denatured fats and proteins.

  14. The studies that have been done linking fats to obesity, high cancer rates, heart attacks, kidney failure, high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels, angina, cardivascular disease and all of the other diseases that clog up the blood and thearteries have been done with cooked fats.

  15. Raw fats, such as avocados, olives, coconuts, nuts and seeds are imperative in a healthy diet. These fats contain antioxidants, and oils that help the joints, nerves and bones.

  16. Raw plant fats do not cause the body to gain excess weight because they still contain the enzyme lipase, which is the enzyme needed to digest fat.

  17. It balances hormones, promotes healthy fertility and increases the sex drive.

  18. If planted, all living foods will sprout and grow.

  19. It is very common for people who eat a raw and living food to feel a type of "buzz"- a natural, very pleasant high.

  20. Raw and living foods are not processed, heated, cooked or altered in any way. They are nothing more than whole foods in their natural state. They are all gluten-free and vegan.

  21. No diet- including vegetarian or vegan diets even come close to producing the healthy, all over beauty that raw and living food provides.

  22. "Live foods" produce live bodies; "Dead foods" produce dead bodies.

  23. A major reason why a raw and living food diet helps to reverse or slow down the aging process is the high levels of vitamins, trace minerals and anti-oxidants that are found in this state of food.

  24. Switching to a raw and living food diet has helped so many people feel well and healthy for the first time in their lives.

  25. You will experience a markedly improved state of mind and clarity when eating raw and living foods.

  26. Within days of beginning this diet, people notice mood improvements. The "mental" haze lifts.

  27. Eating a raw and living food diet makes you feel more energized, but also more at peace, and able to focus and concentrate better.

  28. Your body will reshape and repair itself.

  29. It has a positive impact on the environment.

  30. This diet will affect you positively on every level; physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. It also promotes higher levels of conscious.

  31. An abused body, once it is shown some kindness, will work like crazy to become healthy and whole again.

  32. As we age, our body's natural source of enzymes becomes depleted and we need to replenish this source through the foods that we eat.

  33. The body begins to focus on restoration instead of using it's energy to digest food.

  34. It helps to overcome addictions like coffee, cigarettes and alcohol.

  35. The enzymes that are destroyed in cooking food is detrimental in so many ways. Not only does it affect our immune system but also our brain function and our energy levels.

  36. A significant aspect of the aging process is running out of enzymes. Our cells stop dividing, our immune system shuts down, our enzyme reserve is depleted over a lifetime of eating cooked food.

  37. Enzymes are what keeps us alive, healthy, young and beautiful. They are more than abundant in raw living food!

38. We need the antioxidants that are rich in raw and living foods to keep our skin, hair, nails and eyes               glowing and healthy.

39. Eating a raw and living food diet helps to ensure a proper acid-alkaline balance in your body. An overly acidic body can lead to acute or chronic diseases. Cooking makes food more acidic. Raw foods are alkaline foods.

40. Just because you are doing something different than the mainstream society ...does not mean that you are wrong!

The best reason of all...BECAUSE IT TASTES GREAT!!!





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